Movie night Fundraiser

The Regal Theatre, 275 Kensington Rd, Kensington Park SA 5068, Australia

Fri 20 Oct at 6:30pm - 8:30pm.t

Campbelltown Arthouse is a community Artist Run Initiative. Please join us for a night at the theatre.
Final Portrait is "A mature and wise drama about the cost and benefits of creativity. "
A film looking at French painter Alberto Giacometti (Geoffrey Rush) through specs that are anything but rose-tinted, and by focusing on the creation of one painting, the actual content of which is incidental. Instead, Stanley Tucci — here directing for the fifth time — brings an actor’s understanding of creative insecurity to this biopic, Giacometti constantly disparaging his own talent. Instead of some idealised view of art as some mystical alchemy, Tucci is far more interested in the conditions that lead to creativity, and the personality that creates them.

Ann Whitby