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Antarctic Meteorology Paper inspired works - Helen Carter and James Parker

James Parker and Helen Carter - paper inspired works from Antartica Meterology book. Opening Sunday 3 Dec. 2-5pm

Hi there one and all,

This exhibition (not traditional, not slick) but interesting in its long gestation period (20 years) is a project Helen and I started so that we could keep in contact over long distances in not only a gossipy way but also in an Artistic way, it shows works that are spawned from 2 identical books on Antarctic Meteorology, we have used the books as a source of paper and occasionally theme some times the works are  thoughtful sometimes naive, folksy, sometimes well thought out or sometimes just a passing fancy with a technique (drawing, printing, sculpture, binding, sewing, or maybe a poem or film interested us. Oddly it very often has artworks that have nothing at all to do with Antarctica or meteorology

It can read like a diary or like a fly that settles on something good for a moment then is gone.

There will be works for sale and a goodly amount we think that we may give away.


Hope to see you there.

James and Helen